About Dutch Image
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At Dutch Image, a number of Holland’s best photographers, writers and designers work together on the communication of All Things Dutch. By supplying photography, producing articles and books, creating posters, cards and calenders, developing concepts, and more. Whatever your challenge, at Dutch Image you will be assured of the highest quality, know-how and creativity.
Whom we work for

Among our clients are national and local government departments, embassies, NGO’s, cultural and sports associations, multinationals and other companies, publishers and magazines, etcetera.

What we do

When it comes to Holland: almost anything. Shop at Dutch Image for existing products in the field of Holland promotion, relation’s gifts and representation. Have your customised product made, ranging from a single postcard to a voluminous corporate book. Or let us style your campaign, congress, trade fair or exhibition.

Where we do it

Logically, our work takes us all around Holland. We’ve explored practically every inch of the country. But Dutch interests reach far beyond the borders of the country. Our photographers and writers will accompany a trade mission, photograph a social or agricultural project in the middle of nowhere, or interview a VIP in a faraway country. As a result, our staff consists of experienced travelers.

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