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Netherlands, Gees. Farmer in front of his farm house. Small village scene in Gees very near Zweelo.
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Netherlands, Zweeloo. Church that appears in one of van Gogh's paintings.
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Netherlands, Westerbork. People having dinner at a traditional restaurant in an old farm named 'Museumboerderij the Ar'.
The Ar is specialised in serving brown beans (bruine bonen) which is an old traditional food.
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Netherlands, Urk. Senior fisherman in traditional clothing posing in front of a lighthouse. His wife is at the background.
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Netherlands, Urk. Two old ladies sitting on a bench while cyclists are passing by
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Netherlands, former island Schokland. Lakenvelder bull in a meadow in front of the village of former island Schokland near Nagele. Schokland is on the UNESCO world heritage list. It used to be an island in the former sea "Zuiderzee" nowadays the IJsselmeer
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former harbour in the village
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Two people walking in front of stepped gable houses
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View of the village of Medemblik
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An old fashioned punter carries visitors in the Zuider-museum
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